Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Regime by all tricks can not deceive Iranian's.Despite of all political manoeuvre in last two years,people participated by thousands in peaceful march

According to the website of "Kalameh" ( A website close to Mir-Hosein Musavi ),Iranian people did not forget the presidential election cheating and the stealing of people's vote two years ago by Ahmadinejad-Khamenei and Millions of people protested and called :"Wher is my vote". on its 2nd anniversary,on June 12,2011 people participated with a silent march "by tens of thousands of people in Tehran " in the sidewalks from Valiasr Square towards Vanak Square ,according to the website of "Kalameh". With this march- two years later , people wanted to send a message to the regime officials that, they haven't forgot what had happened two years ago and despite of all arrests, imprisonment, torture , killing of innocent Iranian people , militarization of city streets and all its millitia, revolutionary Guards, plaine cloths Security agents and Basiji's, people are determined to continue this road to bring freedom and democratic values into Iranian society and Iran's politics . According to report, regime agents have arrested hudereds of peaceful marcher young and old and by doing so ,pushing more people into the green movement.

On other news , peaceful protest had been organized by green movement for June 15 and 16th.
As soon as we received news from today's protest or tomorrows people's visit to the graves of those killed by the Islamic Republic regime , we will post it on IRAN WATCH CANADA.

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