Saturday, June 11, 2011

Will Ahmadinejad's illegitimate Government resign ?! His Government is in its worst position .

June 11,2011 at night ,people are chanting " Death to dictator and God is great " !
According to News sources from west of Tehran, the call of "God is great and Death to dictator" were heard from districts such as : Akbatan,Apadana,Tehransar, Gisha , Amirabad , Azarbayejan and Salsabil. The call is going on for more than an hour .
Also in university campuses including: Sanati Sharif, Tehran,Elm o Sanat and Amirkabir the call of "Death to dictator, God is great and our movement is alive " could be heard .
It has been reported that; people in Northern districts of Tehran including Qeitarieh,Kaveh Blvd and Dolat Street chanted slogans since 10:00pm tonight and still can be heard.
The Facebook known as "Bahman 25" reported that; people are also chanting continousely in Eastern and central part of Tehran including: Saadat Abad, Ferdous Blvd, Hafte Tir, Satarkhan,Fereshteh,Zafaranieh,Aqdasieh, Yousef Abad, Vanak, Mirdamad , Gisha, Hafez and Bahar .
Witneses also said citys like Hamadan, Shiraz and Mashhad have joined the early chanting against the regime.

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