Thursday, June 09, 2011

Islamic Republic of Iran the most dangerous country in the world for political oppositions!

End the hunger strike , requested prominent Iranian politicians !

Political opposition either die or spend much of their life in prison and their families also suffer the consequences!

Hoda Saber and Amirkhosro-Dalirsani, two Meli-Mazhabi political prisoners -currently in ward 350 of Evin prison ,started their wet hunger strike on Thursday June 2nd when heard what had happened to Haleh Sahabi during her fathers funeral procession on Wednesday June 1 ,2011.Haleh was holding her father picture and flower when a security agents attacked her and killed her!!!!???

Now, The familys of political prisoners together with prominent politicians reqesting from Hoda and Amirkhosro to end their hunger strike. This is their 8th days of hunger strike in protest to the murder of Haleh Sahabi by regime's security agents.


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