Sunday, June 05, 2011

The 2nd anniversary of the election coup,peoples protest and the month of June! " Green movement will come out and protest on June 12 at noon time!

12th of June is an important day and Month of June is an important month , people must keep its importance !

All social networking join the green movement to protest !

While the leaders of the green movement (Musavi and Karoubi ) are under absolute house arrest, their representative or the coordinating council of the green movement has announced in a statement that, the next green movement protests in the streets will be a silent one and asked people to come out on June 12 and protest in the streets .The 2nd anniversary of the green movement protest is approaching. June 12 will bring the day when Ahmadinejad and his circle together with Khamenei cheated or steal peoples vote in the presidential election and stopped Musavi the legitimate representative of the people to become the president and instead they have decided to put Musavi and Mr. Karoubi under absolute house arrest.

In another statement by a group of political prisoners from Rejaei Shahr prison including Eisa Saharkheiz (Journalist), Keivan Samimi , Mehdi Mahmoudian and Rasoul Badaghi asked people not to leave their leaders alone and join the protest to bring back another epic point in the history of their struggle.

Mr. Amirarjomand the speaker of the "Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope" in an interview with DW German radio said: "June is the month of a series of activities and the protest on June 12 won't be the last one ." He said; "we are waiting people from all social networking help us with their opinions that , what kind of protest they want to have on June 13,14 and ......"

DW asked him why you have decided to have a silent protest and not a protest with chanting slogan? the response is that; "we are practicing this road and will be changed based on the experience and it seems this way of protest will bring more people into the streets."


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