Friday, June 03, 2011

Deep dispute among regime officials,particularly between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei !

The dispute between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei started when Ahmadinejad forced Moslehi the Minister of Information to resigne and when Moslehi resigned , Ahmadinejad accepted his resignation but Khamenei in a statement came in rescue of Moslehi and asked him to continue his job as Minister of information.Because of this ,Ahmadinejad did not attend in cabinet meeting for almost 12 days and when returned Modslehi was absent. This dispute continued until now and of course it is intensified among regime officials. The reason for Ahmadinejad to force Moslehi to resigne was, according to one report, Moslehi bugged the office of Rahim Mashaei the deputy presidents office and in another report, Government officials particularly Rahim Mashaei tried to infiltrate in Ministry of information to steal records and documents of officials.
"No one knows what is exactly going on behind the scene that Ahmadinejad decided not to attend again in the Government cabinet meeting and he did not attend in his Monday's cabinet meeting and at the same time Rahim Mashaei ( Ahmadinejad's deputy) could not be seen in the presidents office since Monday and more than 50 close to Ahmadinejad and Government officials were arrested for questioning" reported peiknet.
Ahmadinejad doesn't want to follow Khamenei, Parliament and Guardian council . He continue to force his apointees for Oil ministry and other key ministries.Ahmadinejad believe that Khamenei together with Ministry of justice and parliament have decided to remove me from the office and appoint Ghalibaf as president and this situation may bring chaose and Musavi will gain the presidency."

The situation inside the regime in Iran is very chaotic.Adding to this is the economic hardship , and unrest among population.

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