Friday, June 03, 2011

Islamic Republic continue its crime against Iranian citizens!

"Rasa-TV" -Interview with Hamed Montazeri (grandson of Ayatollah Montazeri).

Hamed Montazeri: "It was the funeral procession for Mr. Ezat Sahabi and we were in a way in front of the people and Ms. Sahabi was a little bit ahead of us and in front of us were police and plain cloths forces,in a second, i saw physical assault on the upper part of the body of Ms. Sahabi,because of this physical assault, she fell on the ground and become unconscious,the reality is that ,i didnt see what the attacker was wearing , whether he was from police force or plain cloths, only in a second i saw he hide behind the police forces and escaped , anyway, while Sahabi was on the ground , other women and doctors came to resuscitate her and the police forces were saying leave her alone and we were telling it is dangerous because she is unconscious ,until doctors told to put her inside the car and we put her in the car and after that i dont know anything because i was arrested ."

This is what Hamed Montazeri told to "Rasa TV".You can hear him in the link below:

Haleh Sahabi the daughter of Mr. Ezat Sahabi was known for her civil rights and women rights activities.

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