Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ayatollah Montazeri's grand son: "I say under oath ,that Haleh Sahabi was physically assaulted" !

Due to spreading lies by regime, sorrounding the death of Haleh Sahabi ,Ayatollah Montazeri's grand son ; Hamed Montazeri who was a witness of physical assault on Haleh Sahabi by regimes' security agents, told reporters that: "He would say under oath that; Haleh Sahabi was physically assaulted by regime security agents."

Media run by regime lackeys have spread that, Haleh Sahabi died due to heat and heart attack.

But, Hamed Montazeri the son of Ahmad Montazeri and grand son of Ayatollah Montazeri told reporters that:" i was there and i saw the agent physically assualted on the upper part (chest area )of the body of Haleh Sahabi and she fell on the ground and became unconscious.The attacker then hide behind police and plain cloths forces and later scaped from the scene . "

Hamed Montazeri said: "I cant say wether the shock or the assault has caused the death or what kind of death has occured , but certainly the assault caused the death and therefore we can say Ms. Haleh Sahabi was murdered."

Hamed Montazeri was one of those person arrested on Ezatollah Sahabi's funeral day . He said: "I'm willing to testify in any competent court."

Other witnesses including Haleh Sahabi's uncle ( Mr. Freidoon Sahabi) also approved what had Hamed told reporters.

Because of the mess the regime obstinate forces made and regime officials are the cause of their actions , the regime has ordered Sahabi's family to bury the body of Haleh at night.

Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary power , what are you going to do now?

Mr. Ali Larijani head of parliament , what action you are going to take?

And you, Mr. Javad Larijani ( the head of Islamic Republic human rights commission ) , what about you? Is this a clear violation of human rights or not ? Is this a crime commited by regime or not?

All of You , including Ahmadinejad and your leader ( Ali Khamenei ) are going to be held responsible for all these injustices.


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