Friday, June 03, 2011

The Iranian human rights lawyers vs Judiciary power & Mohammad Sadegh Larijani

What is the situation of Mohammad Seifzadeh after 50 days imprisonment?

Mr. Mohammad Seifzadeh the lawyer and a founder of the "Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran" was arrested by security agents on April 11 ,2011 in Orumieh city and was transfered from Orumieh Ministry of Information prison to ward number 209 and now in public ward in Evin prison in Tehran.Two weeks after the arrest he was able to contact his family.Mr. Seifzadeh on November last year was sentenced by kangaroo court of branch number 15 of the court of revolution to nine years imprisonment and 10 years ban on practicing law.His case file is on the review by branch number 54 court of appeal.Regime's allegation against seifzadeh are: "propaganda activity against the system", "Colaboration and gathering to destablize the internal security" and " Establishing the Association of Human rights defenders in Iran".

According to his wife Mr. Seifzadeh suffers from lower back and leg injuries.

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