Friday, June 03, 2011

Tragedi after tragedi in Iran !

The criminal hands of the Islamic Republic headed by Khamenei this time took the life of a Shiite Moslem religious women. Haleh Sahabi was an imprisoned women( since Feburary of last year) and civil rights advocate. She was also known for her bravery during the presidential election coup and protest, endangering herself to save the lives of young Iranian arrested in the streets of Tehran by the armed militia.She was on leave from prison when her father died and on that night (Tuesday night) , the whole night, she was at her fathers lifeless body whispering the verses of Qoran.

See the video:

In the morning of Wednesday during the funeral procession while carrying the picture of her father in front of the people , was attacked by plain cloths security agents who took the picture from her hand and tore it up. Apparently the attacker physical assault was so severe that she fell and become unconcious. Doctors believe that her spleen was raptured and the internal bleeding caused her death.The security agents then steal the body and in a negotiation with family members forced them to bury her at the same night quietly.

See this video:

What a regime ?

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