Tuesday, June 07, 2011

An Iranian blogger is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment !

The court of revolution in the city of Zahedan sentenced Mr. Sakhi Rigi a blogger and member of the Musavi presidential election campaign to 20 years imprisonment ,reported Rahana.

His weblog is named " Bluchestane Sarfaraz" ( the proud Bluchestan). He is currently serving time at "Karoon " prison in the city of Ahwaz . Sakhi Rigi is a human rights advocate and he was arrested during the presidential election in 2009 while in his car in the city of Zahedan.After spending seven months in solitary confinement at the Ministry of Information prison in the city of Zahedan, he was transfered to the city central prison and since three months ago he was transfered again to "Karoon " prison in the city of Ahwaz.

Sakhi Rigi is a 31 years old software student . Because of his arrest ,he was unable to continue his education , he had two more term to graduate .



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