Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another human tragedy in Islamic Republic prison! Mohammad Sadegh Larijani and Khamenei are responsible!

Journalist Hoda Saber died inside Islamic Republic prison !

According to a report this morning, Hoda Saber a journalist and a Meli-Mazhabi political prisoner passed away inside the Islamic Republic prison. Based on Mr. Mohammad Nourizad statement ,This report is correct and Mr. Saber was in pain for 24 hours and calling for help but no prison official wanted to help him. He was calling the guards to help him to go to hospital but unfortunately at 12 :30 midnight his health condition deteriorate and he was taken to Modares Hospital in Tehran and three hours later he passed away. Mr. Hoda Saber was one of those political prisoner who in protest to the death of Haleh Sahabi started wet hunger strike.IRAN WATCH CANADA has posted a report earlier about their hunger strike.Mr. Saber's family members are present in the hospital and are mourning around his lifeless body.


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