Monday, June 13, 2011

Two years and more NO SLeep for regime officials! The coordinating council of the green movement announced about on going protest for June 15 &16

The peaceful protest on June 12 (the 2nd anniversary of presidential election cheating )took place on yesterday( Sunday). People marched on the streets of Tehran including from Valiasr Square to Vanak Square . Regime brought all its militia -security and police forces to the streets a show of teeth . It seems regime is relying more and more to its riot and military arsenal , spending more Oil money on them rather than on people's life and fundamental changes into the economy and infrustructure.Somehow it seems that, regime knowingly or unknowingly is pushed to a major confrontation in a battle with masses and this situation created by regime thinktank behind the close doors leading the regime to that point. The point of no return losing its forces even among religious Shiite Moslems in the city of Qom and among clergies ,Ayatollahs and allies.While regime officials are busy thinking of saving the regime with all means ,not backing down and ignoring the people's demands,making Iran like a big prison and taking Iranian people as hostage, the green movement and all social networking organization including human rights, women rights , civil rights , labour rights , students rights, all faiths rights, ethnik rights organization are patiently and under tremendous pressure weawing the knots of freedom ,social justice and leading the people to the final point besieging and finally removing the regime peacefully.
Based on reppressive policy ,on Sunday again regime continued to arrest hundereds of peaceful marching people along the streets and filling their buses prepared for this occasion and transfering them to prisons, prison which are already full.
The same situation has happened in Iran's major cities as well , peaceful march were reported in thosed cities.
How far this can go? How far the regime can continue this reppressive policy? this remind me a few years before the revolution of 1978-79 which ended the regime of Shah.


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