Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mehdi karoubi one of green movement leader in a recent meeting with family members: I'm standing firm on my openions and position !

Mehdi Karoubi and Mirhossein Musavi together with their wives, close to seven monthe house arrest !

Mehdi Karoubi is one of the leader of the "Green Movement" and he was former speaker of the Islamic Republic parliament. Together with Mir Hosein Musavi, both ran in the last presidential election( almost three years ago ). The election was rigged and the cheating was so obviouse which brought millions of Iranian into the streets for protest which resulted so many Iranian people killed and thousends arrested and detained . This presidential election became known as the " election coup" ( 2nd coup in Iran - first in 1953). Because of the continued protest and unrest in Iran ,regime arrested both Karoubi and Musavi together with their wives and put them under house arrest.It is now close to 7 months both karoubi and Musavi are under house arrest. In recent days , there were news that regime decided to transfer Karoubi to another location and some speculated that, regime is planning to put Karoubi under torture for a forced confession video taping.


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