Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To all Moslems around the world:How much do you know about the regime in Iran?Islamic Republic regime violates the rights of Sunni moslems!

Protest against the Islamic Republic treatment of Sunni Moslems in Iran!
Moslems of the world should not let the officials of the Islamic Republic regime and their embassys around the world with their money or donations and free food in festivities to deceive them and buy their support because of their money or the so called "fight with imperialism or fight with US as the great satan and fight with zionism" or promisses like Islamic Republic with Nuclear weapon as the only moslem states shall fight against injustices and on.
You should not be deceived! why ? because Islamic republic regime isn't what you thought it would be!? Ask the oppressed moslem and none moslem Iranian people to tell you about this regime !?
This regime created terror and tyrannical regime in Iran. Among so many injustices one very close to you is your Iranian Sunni brothers who were asked not to hold their own "Eid Feter" festivity. They banned your sunni brothers from gathering into their mosque and pray. Instead they force them to join with other moslems including Shiit moslem and pray under khamenei's leadership in Eid Feter. As a result of this , many Kurdish representative from various Kurdistan city's in the parliament asked Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the "election coup president" to mediate and let the Suuni's communities residing in the western region of Tehran( Sadeghieh) to gather in their own mosque and celeberate the "Eide Feter'. This is one of the basic violation of the rights of Sunni Moslems.
Here is the link to this news in Farsi:

Sunni Moslem representative from citys like:
Marivan,Sarvabad- Mahabad- sardasht ,piranshahr- Seghez , baneh- divandareh,Kamiaran- Zahedan-Khash- Chabahar and ........signed this petition.


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