Monday, October 24, 2011

Khamenei the revisionist !!! Division of thought is widening among top Islamic Republic leadership!!??

Tha war of words among top leadership is widening !!!

Based on news from Iran, the division of political thought among the leadership of the Islamic Republic in Iran is widening. When talking of leadership , it is mainely Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and Ayatollah Khamenei. In the last two plus years in particular, whatever Khamenei has said, Rafsanjani said the opposit. Khamenei backed more with radicals -fanatic officials including mahmoud Ahmadinejad ,while Rafsanjani stood mostly in at least words with reformists . The war of words is clear for everyone to see. In the past Khamenei stood or backed Ahmadinejad and guide and helped his government from mounting violations and criticism.Khamenei spoke harshly against reformists and green movement leaders.Green movement leaders are in house arrest becuse of his direct order.In short ,he is the one, who is running our country Iran and it seems the ship is sinking - In the other hand, since the Iranian uprising after the election coup ,Rafsanjani hesitantly spoke about the will of the people and end of dictatorship and so on, but when it comes to openly confronting the radicals ,he was very catious or was silent. This is a more clear and new developement - Some speculate that ,all these are games for amusing people and......
Now , Why the division is widening is because:
Khamenei in the last few weeks spoke about changing the general policy on presidential election with "parliamentary democracy" !!!???
What he means is president be chosen by the Members of the Parliaments rathar than people.
Rafsanjani today said the opposit:
The proposed parliamentary political structure will change the system of the Republic!!??
Two different and clear views on the political system.
Khamenei as Revisionist in the Islamic fundamentals of the Ayatollah Khomeini -the leader of the Islamic Revolution.

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