Monday, October 17, 2011

News from Iran-

Changing presidency to prime ministership in Iran!?

1- Khamenei leader of the Islamic Republic in Iran spoke about the possibility of changes in the governing system ,replacing the presidency with prime Ministership.He was traveling in the western part of the country when he said:"At present the governing system is based on presidency and president is elected by people ,which is good ,but if in the far future, we feel that parliamentary system of governing is better ,then we must change it based on Islamic Ideals, and the constitution allow us to do these changes.".

We sent 106 reports to committee dealing with the presidents offences!

2-Mr. Pour Mohammadi inspector general of the Islamic Republic on speaking with students said: The volume of the debt in financial embezzlement is more than 3000 Billion Tuman .He added : Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei (head of president office and adviser) and Rahimi ( Cabinet Minister ) were involved in other problems and they have received a lot of help.The Government officials won't give us the documents they have and still make big contracts with the same people who brought this Financial embezzlement.On Khavari,he said: He left the country to attend a seminar and if he won't return ,charges against him in the court will become certain.

Just want to mention this ,based on serfing on news and hearing from Iranian community in Toronto, Anger is building up in Iranian community against Canadian Government!

3- Iranian community in Toronto is wondering how Canada is becoming a safe haven for high or low ranking Islamic Republic officials who are definitely ( if carefuly looked at their past records) has commited crimes against Iranian citizens and human rights . Anger among Iranian community in Toronto from Canadian government is building up for letting these high or low ranking officials becoming Canadian citizen,making business or entering in Canada .

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