Saturday, October 15, 2011

President of the Bank Melli before revolution in a letter to M.R. Khavari:Mr. Khavari,I do not know where you are right now and what you are doing?

Mr.Jalil Shoraka the president of the Bank Melli before the revolution in a letter explained to Mr. Khavari how he left Iran during the revolution 32 years ago ,but returned to Iran to help Bank Melli go through the difficult time.In the letter Mr. Shoraka said: "Due to our similar situation i would like to indicate some points to you. I dont know where you are and what you are doing? I'm sharing some ideas, so you know what to do . At the end, he is prescribing Khavari to come back to Iran ,like what he did and nothing happened to him. Because he was also afraid if he returned,the revolutionary Government will do harm on him ."Right now, you are on junction of decision making,like what i was before. If you dont come back ,you won't achieve anything,and even the developed world won't bring you security and comfort. Look at your records ,if there were offences in the Bank , you should come and compensate, even if you feel guilty , still your stay in abroad doesn't help you should come, because all we need to do is to translate the document and send to authorities to arrest you and in a few month, you will be in Iran ,but ,what a difference there is between this way of coming or to come as a nationalist to help the national bank ."


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