Monday, October 10, 2011

Mohseni Ejei prosecutor General of Islamic Republic:If Khavari won't come back on a certain time,we will take legal action to bring him back!??

Press conference - October 11/2011

Mohseni Ejeei prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic in response to a reporter who asked him; if Mr. Khavari won't come back to Iran what legal action would you take ? said: "Mr.Khavari officially announced he is coming back to Iran and if he didn't come back on certain time and if his charges increase and if there is feeling that his presence in the country is necessary ,certainly we would take legal measures to bring him back."

Mr. Ejeei added: "If the executive officials knew Mr. Khavari had dual citizenship and hired him to the Bank Melli ,have done an illegal act."


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