Saturday, October 01, 2011

IRAN WATCH CANADA: It is in Mr. Khavari's interest to speak to Canadian Media about the greatest financial embezzlement in the history of Iran !

More on the Greatest embezzlement in Iran's Banking system.

According to the website of "Alef ": " Mr. Khavari wrote a letter to Ministry of Finance & Economy and claimed that he has been insulted and he doesn't wish to speak to Government officials."

The website added: " Because the officials at Ministry of Finance were trying to speak to him by phone, he wrote the letter and claimed that he has been insulted and doesn't wish to speak to any Government officials."

The same website ( Alef) reported that; Before leaving the country Mr. Mahmoud Reza Khavari was interrogated for several hours about the financial embezzlement of 3000 billion Tuman.


ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency) has published a letter written before coming to Canada by Mr. Khavari to Mr. Ali Dashti head of general management office. He stated:" Due to stressful situation and chronic disease, unfortunately i'm unable to control my emotion to speak ,this situation touched me very much and i havn't been humiliated this much." and .........

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