Thursday, September 29, 2011

"The year of Economy"began with the theft of greatest financial embezzlement in the history of Iran(3000 Billion Tuman from the Banking system )!

"The Year of Economy" ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic in his Persian new year speech named this year as the "year of economy ". And the government officials after months of speech and talks about economy, did what their leader have said to do. We the Iranian people knew that; when the officials seriousely started taking about something, we have to expect otherwise and that is what exactly happened again.For example when Ahmadinejad calling his government as a servitude government or a kind government ,we know what to expect.
In a news , the Bank of Saderat issued a statement to its clients , the statement reads:
Dear customers, dear share holders, dont worry ,we assure you that the financial embezzlement had no effect on our Banking system and we will continue to serve you.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: " Beware of the promises of a desparate man"!!!

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