Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iranian People have no trust in Iranian Banks, fear is always there!

News from Iran-
More about the Greatest embezzlemet of money in the history of Iran.
According to a report by Mehr News ( Raja News), Mr. Seyed Shamsodin Hoseini the Economic and Finance Minister said: "A huge violation has been occured and the Bank which issued the credit is the source of infraction." "We should have cconfronted with the Bank of Saderat and the appointed committee on this issue came to a conclusion that; the management of the Bank of Saderat must be changed."
" The committee also came to this conclusion that, change must take place in Iran's National Bank and the Bank of Saman." added Mr. Hoseini.
Mr. Hoseini said: "I also agree with the removal of Iran's National Bank managing director but for the Bank of Saman the situation is different, because Bank of Saman is a private Bank and we can't decide about the change in their management or to removal and appointment . "
Mr. Hoseini said that, next week he is going to have extraordinary meeting with general manager of the Central Bank to see the situation of Money and credit.We will independently support the National Bank, Bank of Saderat and Bank of Saman and we promise to help all stock holders/share holders and those who have deposited money in those Bank .

Link in Farsi:

It seems the regime is trying to silence the officials for speaking out about this huge embezzlement. It also seems media were told not to write more about this issue.

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