Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Regime' judiciary calls human rights NGO as a " Security -Political " organization !?

Narges Mohammad vise president of the "Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran" and president of the executive council for "National Peace" is sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, for her involvement in human rights activities. Regime judiciary calls her activities as " security-Political " activities.!?!

Because of her human rights activities, she is expeld from her job in "Iran Engineering inspection company".She was summond to the court ,a bail was issued for 50 Million Tuman( $50,000).Despite of paying the bail , few days later security agents entered in her home and arrested her.

The court rejected her two lawyers ( Doctor Mohammad Sharif and Yalda Mozafarian ) defences as "unjustified ".

Mr. Javad Larijani is the head of regime human rights delegate in UN and Judiciary power. He is silent about all of these inhuman treatment of Iranian citizens by the Islamic Republic in Iran. What he doesn't think is that ,one day his rights might be violated in the future by officials or newer regime !??!!



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