Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahmad Tavakoli member of parliament in Iran to Ahmadinejad and his cabinet :" You dont have to suicide, only resign" !

News from today-

Closed door parliamentary meeting .

Recently, the news about embezzlement of 3000 billion Tuman ( 1200 tuman = $1 ) from Iranian Banks inside Iran, by company or persons become and still is the news of almost all websites,media and talk of people in Iran.The Government of ahmadinejad is under investigation. On this regard , Mr. Ahmad Tavakoli, a conservative MP who attended to a close door parliamentary meeting, which took four hours, told reporters that:

" I'm telling to the Government and members of the cabinet, you who can't control and supervise your subordinates and give position to unhealthy individuals and bring the country to this situation , don't have to suicide ,only resigne" !

He was telling this straight to "president" , who knew about the embezzlement and must directly respond to the situation. When talking about suicide ,Mr. Tavakoli was refering to a Japanese situation, when there was an economic embezzlement, the Japanese high ranking person responsile commit suicide.


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