Sunday, September 11, 2011

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The moving letter of Mohammad Maleki to honorable Ahmad Shaheed the UN human rights reporter on Iran.
Excerpts from Mohammad Maleki's letter to Ahmad Shaheed.
Daneshju news-
In the name of truth,
Honourable Ahmad Shaheed,
Hello and greeting ,wishing you success for this great and humane job, you have accepted.

I'm doctor Maleki, the retired professor and the first president of Tehran University after the revolution.I wanted to inform you a short account of my own personal experience i had about violation of human rights in my country, in order this would become a step towards saving my nation from all these oppression , corruption and cruelty of the rulers on an oppressed nation.
My brother , Mr. Shaheed,
I'm also like many of tens of thousands during 32 years of the Islamic Republic ruling, many many times my very own human rights was violated by the power thirst despotic ruling oficials and i was witness to many crimes inside the prisons in Iran,that i'm going to give a short account.
In 1978-79 upon the victory of revolution and after my nomination as president of Tehran University ,and towards the goals of revolution ,i decided the university be managed by a councile consisting of students,professors and employees in a democratically elected fashion. The new government which took control of the entire country didn't like this idea , and by a coup known as " cultural revolution" attacked the university's , killing several students and wounding or arresting many of them, closing the universitys and arresting many of those protesters and torturing and executing them.
The temporary management council of Tehran University and high council of the university has protested to this action and instead of responding on our questions about the situation , they have arrested and detained many of them including me ,on the pretext that i have not followed Ayatollah Khomeini's order. First i was sentenced to death and then to 10 years imprisonment in an illegal court without a defense lawyer . During these times, i was tortured by hitting cable on my sole and other part of the body, hanging from the ceiling, hitting my head to the wall,bitting by kicking and punching which resulted losing my left eye and broken bone of my right hand.The scars of some of the torture are still visible on my body. After 5 years ,seemingly i was released but for months i had to show myself every now and then to the prosecutors office which looked like an interrogation........
Honourable Mr. Shaheed ,
I will testify about the 80's, how the young prisoners including students men or women,after a lot of torture ,were carried away ten by ten or hundereds by hundereds for execution.I'm ready to testify to you about what i witnessed in the "Velayate Faghieh " system and ready to pay the price.
At the end ,i wish you success on your job and surly God will be w/you.
Sincerely and hoping to see you,
Doctor Mohammad Maleki
Political prisoner w/suspended sentence and retired professor of Tehran University.
September 2011



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