Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interpretation of a young man speaking in last post video clip.....

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Interpreted in memories of all those who have lost their lives. You won't be forgothen.

What the young man in the last post is saying is as follows:

Greeting to Iran and greeting to Iranian,
Greeting to those who have lost their life for freedom,
Greeting to those who aren't with us now,and we came here to see them but couldn't, this is "Beheshte Zahra" (Cemetery-Int..),September 9,2011,We have come here on the tomb of Mohammad Mokhtari,Dear Mohammad Mokhtari,One of those who was killed on 15th of February ( During protest after presidential election coup almost three years ago-Int..) ,We have had promissed to be here on his birthday, on his birthday, many have promised,many have planned,this to happen , but unfortunately we have come and faced w/ a several.... , what shall i say to them,what shall i say,i'll tell them oppressor, whatever i tell, still lacks their description,we came here and were confronted w/ several oppressors, several filthy opperessors, didn't let, didn't let anyone go on his tomb,didn't let anyone go on his tomb, dear friend : They didn't let anyone go on his tomb,anyone came were arrested and carried away,I saw one with my own eyes was taken away,No one were on his tomb , even his family were not allowed to go ,I don't no may be they have come in the morning or lunch time but it was planned to attened at 5:00pm . No one was on dear Mohammad Mokhatari's tomb except the police forces and the filthy Basiji's , the end and no one was there. I dedicate these flowers from this distance to you dear Mohammad Mokhtari , we couldn't gather at your tomb, we have brought these fluttering flowers for you to lay on your tomb, to pour on your tomb,on your tombstone,they didn't let us to do that, they didn't let us,but from here i send my greeting to you, all of us here send our greeting to you,send our greeting and we want our country to become free, only for your sake and people like you who have lost their life , hoping for that day.
Greeting to Iranian,
Greeting to Iran,
Greeting to Iranian,
Greeting to Iran.
Background old national anthem.

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