Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bashar Al Asad secret meeting with Islamic Republic regime in Iran!

The Syrian opposition must beware of negotiation with Bashar Al Asad . Buying time and finding strategy and tactics, is what the matters here or exhausting the oppsition and their protest ,and finding out why the Islamic Republic regime officials particularly Khamenei-Ahmadinejad is calling Bashar Al Asad to get closer to Arab leaders, start reforms and negotiation with Syrian oppositions?."Divide and Rule" is may be the plan or Scenario here.

It was reported that Bashar Al Asad came to Iran to discuss issues sorrounding the crisis and problems he faces in Syria.He met khamenei - Ahmadinejad. In this meeting, Khamenei asked bashar Al Asad to get closer to Arab leaders and follow their suggestion for Reform and Negotioation with Syrian oppositons .

Link on news in Farsi:

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