Thursday, September 01, 2011

If you are student and you criticise the Islamic regime in Iran,you will be expelled from school and deprived from education and sometime face death!?

Iran watch Canada will bring you the voice of Ashkan zahabian and many like Ashkan's !

Bahai students are deprived from higher education in Iran !

Students critical to the Islamic regime in Iran are expelled from school. Furthermore , if they continue criticizing the regime, they receive a star beside their names or more stars if they dont listen and keep quiet while in the campus .This trend continue with threat , intimidation not only to students but also to their familys and jail, torture or death closes the game between the regime and the students.This is the tragedy which the Iranian students face in the Islamic Republic regime in Iran.

This situation reminds me of my student years in the philippines (1976-1982)under Marcos dictatorship. At that time , i, together with several other students in University of the philippines, organized a class boycotte against an increase tuition fees. My picture was taken at the protest by the university guards , and the next semester when i was enroling , i found out i'm black listed and was asked to go to the guards office and clear the situation. The chief guards threatened me if i continue the protest or if i write anything in university, i'll be expelled from university and from Philippines. What makes different between Marcos and Khamenei's regime?

I do not know how many Iranian students are currently expelled by the Islamic Republic regime in Iran . Or how many of them have stars in front of their names. One very tragic situation is the situation of Bahai students , who are deprived to enter into universities to continue their education. As a result of this disastrous policies, many Bahai students have decided to continue their education at their homes with their own teachers , but regime even does not tolerate this and have banned their education in its totality.It is needed to say that, Bahai students believe, they do not even enter into the politics of Iran.

In the news today , i red about Ashkan Zahabian a student of Ferdousi University in Mashhad city. Ashkan was a former member of the Islamic Association of the university. He is in "Matikela " prison in the city of Babol. In protest to his illegal and arbiterary arrest and detention, he started hunger strike since yesterday and his health is deteriorating . Instead of transfering him to prison clinic ,the prison officials brought him to a solitary confinement.Four months have passed since his last arrest and judiciary system is doing nothing to release him from prison which he does not deserve.



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