Saturday, September 03, 2011

New round of protest in Iran , this time started from Azarbayejan !


People of Azarbayejan protesting against regime policies ,particularly about the dying of Orumieh lake!

Latest news:

Orumieh city :

According to the news protests have started in the city of Orumieh in Azarbayejan province. It sterted a little bit after 6:00pm on Saturday (today).The protest started from Ataei and Imam streets. The city center is in the hands of the people. Until this time, there are no news about clashes. SMS and mobile phones lines are cut off by regime ( The revolutionary guards are owner of telecommunication ).

Tabriz city:

People in the city of Tabriz has also started the protest.This protest brought many thousands of people into the Streets.Clashes has been reported between the people and regime forces in Shahram and bahar streets.Clashes have been reported between people and the regime forces in Central Square and motahari Street.

Azarbayejan Facebook:

The witnesses saw regime using plastic bullets in Tabriz city to disperse people.


The clashes between regime forces and people are severe in Zanjir Square in the city of Orumieh.The clashes have reached to the provincial Government building of Eastern Azarbayejan and Shahnaz intersection.


Report indicate that, there have been sound of gun fire in Ferdousi and Amin crossing in the city of Tabriz.


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