Sunday, September 18, 2011

What these "Dervish Gonabadi" have done,why they have to suffer this much?

Justice will prevail and the officials of this regime will face the court of public openion in Iran !

Every human will be moved with compassion towards this much suffering of a group of people or community of Iranian known as : " Gonabadi Deravishes" , who have been under alot of pressure and harrasment by Islamic Republic regime in Iran."Dervish" believes living a life in its mystic way and modestly.They have lived their lives peacefully for centuries in Iran.Many years ago agents of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, attacked on one of their leader's home and arrested and detained Ayatollah Kazemini Brojerdi, despite of protest by his followers .Since then and every now and then, there were news about the arrest or detention of a "Dervish " or destruction of a "Dervish Gonabadi" praying place in the news.

I dont know what to say to this regime !? it seems ,this regime can't stop making more enemies for itself and has to creat chaose among every communities.

One thing is clear , this regime doesn't know how to manage the country.One may say ,they have managed the country for almost 32 years now!? Yes, this is true, but in what price? Iranian people ,particularly the young Iranian or the new generation of Iranian less and less believe on Islam and this regime in its entirety.

News about "Gonabadi Dervishes"-

On Saturday September 17, family members of Ayatolah Borojerdi attended at Evin prison to visit their loved one, but was prevented to meet him by prison officials .because of this,family member protested against this illegal decision of the prison officials.When the protst continued,one of the prison official said; the decision came from " Special court of clergies".The same official threatened family members and said; if you continue to protest ,more followers will be arrested and detained.Link:

The website of "Gonabadi Dervishes" :

Doctor Mostafa Azemayesh the spoksperson for "Gonabadi Nematolahi Dervishes" said: Regime has intensified recently the wave of arrest and detention of Dervishes in Iran.

in another news,in a systematic attack by regime thugs and agents to Dervishes community near Shiraz city Vahid Banaei a member of Dervishes was killed by agents and many wounded or arrested and detained.Regime agents have also arrested and detained dervishes lawyers.

Because of the wave of attack , arrest and detention of the Dervishes and their lawyers, the dervishes are staging a gathering in front of Evin prison on Monday September 19 ,in protest to the wave of arrests , detention, harrasment and treatment of Gonabadi Dervishes inside the prisons.



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