Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Iran and Iranian prisoners of the Islamic Republic regime !

"You are detained until proven not guilty" !?

The Mother of all prison in Iran is Evin prison in Tehran.

Iran and Iranian are taken hostage . Regime has built and developed many many prisons around the country. Everone visiting Iran ,in every provinces or cities,must know that; the revolutionary guards (Sepah) has its prison , the Ministry of information (Vezarate Etelaat)has its own prison, the prosecutors has its separate prison and ....all starts from international Airport ,from its prosecutors office at the Airport. But the mother of all prison in Iran is the Evin prison at the footstep of Albors mountain in Tehran.

Here are a few prison and prison wards in Iran- Need to be completed:

_Evin prison-Capital City of Tehran:

Ward number 2 (alef)

Ward number 350

Ward number 209 - Known as "Band Vezarate Etelaat"( Ministry of Information ward)

Ward known as "Bande nesvan " ( political women ward)

_ Rejaei Shahr prison-City of Karaj

Ward known as "Gharantine"(Quarantine)

Ward known as "Andarzgahe Shish"( Educational No.6 )

Ward number 4

_ Ghazal Hesar prison

_ Vakil Abad prison -City of Mashhad

Most recent year execution of drug dealers and ....took place here.

_ Adelabad - City of Shiraz

_ Langroud Prison - City of Qom

_ Lakan Prison- City of Rasht

_ Anzali Prison- City of Anzali

_MatiKela Prison- City of Babol

_ Eshratabad Prison -

The most frightful prison run by revolutionary Guards

_ Kahrizak Prison- City of Varamin

_ Gharveh Prison- City of Gharveh

Run by Ministry of Information agen

Prison in Kurdistan provinces and Cities

Prisons in Khuzistan priovinces and cities

Prisons in Baluchestan and Sistan provinces

Prisons in Azarbayejan Provinces and cities


This Islamic Republic regime has also habit of transfering political prisoners to internal exile - to a more remote areas of the country.


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