Saturday, September 17, 2011

When judge himself start lashing a young religious woman blogger !

IRAN WATCH CANADA does not writes about himself or for himself ,but dedicate its time to voiceless people particularly the brave Iranian political prisoners!

Samieh Tohidlu is a young student and a moslem religious blogger and this is her blog:

She was writing on her blog daily but not anymore, because, since her arrest on june 13, she was unable to do so. She is accused of "provoking students to protest on June 15" and writing article insulting "the coup president" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .Samieh

Touhidlu is a doctorate degree student in sociology of Tehran University, who was arrested and spent 70 days in solitary confinenment and was sentenced to 50 lashes for what she was accused of.Two days ago, she attended in Evin prison for execution of the sentence. Many officials were present including the university president, the judiciary officials ,the ministry of information officials and many women working in the public prosecution office.When judge asked the women employed at public prosecution office to carry out the execution of lashes on Samieh's body , they all rejected the request and no one volunteered to do this inhuman act on the body of a moslem women student. So , the judge himself carried out the execution and by doing so,brought huge protest among religious and non religious and human rights defenders.Based on the Islamic Republic legal policy , it should have been women to carry out the execution of lashes on a woman, but here a man and most particularly a judge carried out the execution. Regime in the past have done this kind of acts deep inside the torture chambers and without media coverage.This time,but the story was different and women at prosecution office rejected judeges request to carry out the lashing on a young moslem girl.

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