Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family's of those protesters killed after the election coup: "Our childerens were not Basiji's or saboteur" !?

Family's of those protesters who were killed after the election coup in a peaceful demonstration inside the streets in Tehran and other city's said ; "our childerens were not Basiji's or Saboteur" as Ahmadinejad claimed during his round 8 participation of UN General Assembly in New York.

In a press conference inside his hotel room with participation of 20 reporters , Ahmadinejad claimed that during the unrest in Iran after the election 33 people were killed , 2/3 rd of these people were Basiji's and others were supporting the regime.??!!

Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi a top political advisor and think tank for Ahmadinejad in his blog post claimed that , 33 people were killed during the unrest in Iran after the election.

In the past Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of Judiciary Power claimed that, only one person was killed during the unrest in Iran after the election.??!!

So far, officials in the the Islamic Republic gave different account or claim about those killed in the demonstration against the election coup.

Family's of those killed say Ahmadinejad is lying by telling their childeren were Basiji or regime supporters.

Here is a few comments by parents of those killed in the demonstration after the election coup:

The father of Ahmad Naimabadi: "My son left the house with green ribon on his head, two green ribon on his wrist , he also wore green shoes and it was clear he was supporting Musavi and not the regime and Ahmadinejad and i dont allow ahmadinejad to abuse my son's name."

Mrs. Parvin Fahimi the mother of Sohrab Arabi (19 years old)said: "this isn't the first time Ahmadinejad is lying , i dont recognize him as president. My son was supporting Musavi and thats why they killed him."

The father of Maysam Ebadi (16 years old):"
I have heard the UN representative is coming to Iran and gazzed my eyes to his coming and to tell him about the pain and agony we endur, because here ,no one is listening to us. But it seems no one from human rights organization came to Iran. "

The brother of Moharam Chagini: " My brother neither was Basiji nor belonged to any Government agencies."
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