Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Islamic Republic regime in Iran " or " Islamic Caliphate regime in Iran"?

News from Iran-
1-Some members of the parliament including Fatemeh Rajabi (the diehard of oppressive regime ) brought a new bill into the "Majls" (Parliament) and calling that; Islamic Republic does not need president and can run by Prime Minister !????!!!!
Mr. Katoozian a member of parliament speaking to ILNA told today that; some members brought this bill for approval because they believe Islamic Republic can run by Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic. Perhaps as Caliph and like a caliphate system. So , after all these years ,the Islamic Republic has come to the idea of Kingdom state ( with king and prime Minister ) or Caliphate state ( with Caliph and Prime Minister ) is what they need . And in Caliphate state , caliph has all the power over prime Minister ,the Parliament and Army. After all these years "the mountain gave birth to a mouse ".

2- Mr. Motahari a member of parliament with the identity known as "supporter of principles" criticized the speaker of the house and his deputies for what he called : "The speaker and his deputies are not honest and are delaying the plan to ask questions from president in the parliament"
This MP said : "At first, 100 members have signed the petition to question president, later 14 members removed their signature, but still 86 members of parliament want to question the president", but the speaker Ali Larijani and his deputies including Bahonar and .....are delaying the process.
The legislation indicate that ,if 1/4th of the members decide to question the president ,it should happen w/in a month. Plan to question president came two years ago and still on limbo.
Mr. Motahari warned that he will resigne if the plan to question the president won't take place inside the parliament.


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