Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahmad Tavakoli member of parliament : "Mr. Poor Mohamadi who does not have phd. ( doctorate Degree ) and by lying call himself a Doctor" !!???

This is not the first time , the officials in the Islamic Republic falsely calling themselves "Doctor " ,a graduate of phd. from universities. In the past Mr. Kordan ( called himself a phd. holder ) ,several others used the same lie to deceive Iranian and foreign people.

Today inside the parliament Mr. Ahmad Tavakoli speaking with reporters said that : "Mr. Poor Mohammadi never had a phd. degree and by lying he call himself a doctor ." This is another blow to the Islamic Republic regime in Iran. Mr. Poor Mohammadi is the deputy to Central Bank in Iran, which brought a greatest ever mess on embezzlement of 3000 Billion Tuman .

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