Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From now on ,if the people of Iran elect their MP's,regime can oust the MP's based on their behaviour,conduct or stance towards Khamenei & his regime!

In an orchestrate plan and with the help of Ali Larijani the house speaker and his deputies including Bahonar ,Majles (parliament) rattified the newly introduced article number 4 and its subsections.

MP's today have passed article(bill) number 4, with 129 YES ,16 NO and 27 obstention vote out of 215 MP's present. This bill is about a plan to observ the behaviour of MP's and punish them for their conducts inside Majles(Islamic Republic parliament).

Based on the subsection number two of this article, The Guidance Council has all the power to cancel the credibility of the MP's ,even if the Mp's has been elected and has full support of his constituency.

It seems that, Khamenei's regime has prepared a clear strategic plan to dismantle many electoral position including presidency and now the MP's .... and taking all the power in their hands.In this round of move, regime has the support of house speaker, Guidance council , Ministry of Justice and .......

It's now Iranian people's turn, whether to let Khamenei's regime do what it is doing now or to stand and block or organize for a major fight back.It is important because, on March next year a parliamentary election is coming and sending a bunch of powerless or controled MP's into the Majles is meaningless.


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