Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hamid Reza Fouladgar an MP in Majles about the 3000 billion tuman embezzlement: Removal or resignation of those responsible is not enough !

So far three major Banking managing directors have either been removed from their post or resigned.!!??!!
Mr. Hamidreza Fouladgar an MP and a member of the commission on article 44 said to reporters that: Removal and resignation is not enough ,if there were shortages it must be clarified !

"Not only the Minister of economy and Finance but also the Cental Bank of Iran was responsible in this embezzlement." said MP fouladgar.He added; the reason behind the criticize by the members of parliament is because , the Government and the Central Bank were supervising the Banking system in the country.
he said: This is the biggest embezzlement in the history of the country and the parliament must do the investigation and speak about it and use the impeachment tool.

Earlier , some members of parliament proposed to call Ahmadinejad to parliament for questioning,so far it didn't happen yet!!??? One MP namely Motahari threatened he will resign if Ahmadinejad not brought for questioning . He criticized Ali Larijani the speaker of the parliament and his deputies for delaying the process.
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In another news Mr. Ali Akbar Javanfekr media advisor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: The parliament and the Judiciary Power acted carelessly in embezzlement.

According to Fars News Agency ,Mr. Javanfekr said that ; the 3000 billion Tuman embezzlement is the result of carelessness on the side of Judiciary power and parliament.Because the accounts auditing and inspector general supposed to do their job and they were careless.
Mr. Javanfekr also disclosed about a corrupt business deal by"Sherkate Maskan va Sakhtemane Jahan " ( Jahan residential building construction ) which works under the city of Tehran (City Hall in Tehran). Mr. Javanfekr believes that; this company is also using unhealthy and corrupt way of business, doing damage to countries economy.
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