Friday, September 30, 2011

Where in Canada is Mr. Mahmoudreza Khavari ?

Based on privacy act of Canada,it is difficult to get information from Canadian Government officices including Immigration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One possibility indicate that; he is living with his family in Richmond Hill area ,the suburb of Toronto.
According to one source, several years ago a company was registered with the name of M.R. Khavari and the name of the company was " Soaring Properties" in Toronto.

It would be wiser if Mr. Khavari speak to canadian Media about the whole situation surrounding 3000 billion Tuman financial embezzlement.Now that he has decided not to return to Iran( He suppose to return to Iran at 2 Am today), and based on Mr. Gholamhosein Ejeei Iran's public prosecutor general, all the blames now fall on him.

One of his Iran's contact was:

Chairman of the Board & Managing Director

Mr. Mahmoud Reza Khavari

Phone: ‌+98 +21 66731388

Email Address:

Resume of Mr. Mahmoud Reza khavari Chairman of the Board and Managing
Director of Bank Melli lran
Student of Doctorate programe at Swiss Management Center , International Trade Law
programe at Lahe Court of Arbitration.
- M.A in Law, Shahid Beheshti University Faculty of Law.
- B. A in Law , Tehran University , Faculty of Law and Political Science.
Professional Experience:
- Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Bank Melli Iran.
- Board Member and Deputy of Managing Director of Bank Sepah.
- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors & Deputy Manager of Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.
- Consultant of Manager of National Iranian Steel Co.
- Board Member of Bank Sepah.
- Manager of Legal Department of Bank Sepah
- Litigation Department Manager of Bank of Industry & Mine.
- Expert of Bank of Industry & Mine.
- Expert of Tehran University .
Other Responsibilities:
- Membership in Committees of Bank Sepah & Bank of Industry and Mine.
- Membership or Chairman of the Board in Companies Such as:
- Sepah Investment Company , Bank Melli Iran Investment Company, Chadormalu Mining & Industrial
Company , Gole Gohar Iron ore Company and Sepah Brokerage.
- Member of the Board of Directors in Tehran Stock Exchange.
Educational and Scientific Activities:
- Teaching Civil Law, Commercial Law and Banking Law at Accounting Faculty of National Iranian Oil
Company , Faculty of Law & Political Science Islamic Azad University , Faculty of Law Shahid Beheshti
- Committed Crimes on Aircraft and Hijacking ( essay)
- Press Crimes (article)
- Investigation into the Cause of Suspension of Punishment in Iran and E. U Countries Laws
- The Book of Banking Law Consisting of Legal and Legitimate Analysis of Banking Operations and
Transactions published by Banking Training Center which is reprinted .

Other informations in Iran:

Public Relations General Department Contacts :
E-mail :
Call center : +98 +21- 6414
Fax No. : +98 +21- 66738606
Address: Bank Melli Iran Central Depts,Ferdowsi Ave.
P.O. Box : 11365-123 Tehran , Iran

International Affairs General Department Contacts :
Fax No. : +98 +21 - 26403760


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