Monday, October 10, 2011

Canadian -Iranian are concerned about Canada becoming a safe haven for Islamic Republic officials !!??

According to some reports Mahmoudreza Khavari the managing director of Bank Melli ( Iran's National Bank) , A high ranking Islamic Republic official became a Canadian citizen before the biggest financial embezzlement was disclosed, question is ,how did he become a Canadian citizen?

Based on his position,ranks and involvement in the Islamic Republic regime, Iranians believe These type of officials may have been involved in the torture or killing of innocent Iranians after the revolution and thereafter!!??

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Trying to find the right words ,legally speaking Islamic Republic Officials are the worse human rights violators. America and European countries have released a list consist of Islamic Republic officials name who are human rights violators and Canada must follow and implement the same on Islamic Republic officials.

Why they send their families to Canada ,why not to Syria or in Lebanon( In Hezbullah area) and Palestine( In Hamas area) or in Iraq and....

We the Iranians want the Canadian Government to review the cases of those Islamic Republic officials and their families living in Canada not as diplomat but as Canadian Citizens.

Close to 1400 Iranian have signed a petition requesting Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada not to let Canada to become a safe haven for Islamic Republic officials.

More news on Biggest financial embezzlement in Iran:

Officials believe this financial embezzlement effected on people's trust to Islamic Republic and Banking system.

" During last three days ,aside from 22 accused ,another 20 were summoned for investigation and for 14 of them a temporary detention was issued." added a report.

As a result of this financial embezzlement the job of 20,000 workers who were working for "Arya group" /company ( One of the company involved in this embezzlement)is in question!!!??

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