Thursday, October 13, 2011

Islamic Republic regime in Iran sentenced Mr. Jafar Ganji a young man to five years imprisonment for allegedly organizing history reading group !

People and particularly Moslems around the world must know that the Islamic Republic regime in Iran now detaines anyone, even a group who get together to read history or to review the history. Today this news was on all over the websites :

Mr. Jafar Ganji a sympatizer of Nahzat Azadi political group who organized a group to read history, was sentenced to five years imprisonment.The judge who sentenced Mr. Jafar Ganji is the infamous judge of the Islamic Republic Salavati .Judge Salavati is the judge of branch number 15 of the court of revolution.Mr. Ganji's other charges are: gathering to disturb the national security,presence at illegal gatherings and propagating activities against the Islamic Republic.



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