Thursday, October 13, 2011

Urgent....Alert.....Two Iranian Kurdish political prisoners on death row ! Help save their life.

Islamic regime of Public hanging !??

Suprem court of the Islamic Republic has approved the death sentence of two Kurdish political prisoners who are currently in "Rejaei Shahr " prison in Karaj .The sentencing has been given to the two prisoners according to a report by "Harana".
They have received the sentencing verbally while their duty council is unaware of the approval.
Mr. Loghman Moradi and Zaniar Moradi are accused of assassinating the son of Friday prayer imam of Marivan city and two co-travelling people with an order from British Spy agency and a Kurdish political party.Judge Salavati of branch number 15 of the court of revolution ordered the preliminary death sentence.

These two political prisoners in a letter described about the scenario written by security agents and under torture were forced to confess and were threatened to sexual assault with bottle. They say their confession is worthless.


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