Monday, October 24, 2011

"The Mourning Mothers of Laleh Park " criticized the reports by Ahmad Shaheed the UN reporter on Human Rights in Iran!!!

On Saturday afternoon the "Mourning Mothers of Laleh Park " gathered around the "Abnama circle" and criticized the interim report by Ahmad Shaheed the UN Human Rights reporter on Iran. The mothers said: Although there were reports about violation of so many cases ,but it seemed the report has made discrimination of reporting about all the cases.

The placard in the hands of those mothers reads:"Mr. Ahmad Shaheed ! Where is the place of those killed during the last 33 years and the harassing or hurting of those mourning mothers and their supporters in your report?"!!!???

They added in their statement that : After months of expectation ,the first reports of Mr. Shaheed was released. Although we are happy that ,the report protested on the violation of the human rights of many freedom loving,but alas that the report discriminated and chose the policy of " One of us - not one of us " in its report. They asked: Is this just , not to report about all thosed killed or tortured and imprisoned during the last two years ,including mothers who were under constant threat ,harrasment ,imprisonment ,torture among them Ms. Leila Seifolahi and Jila Karamzadeh Makvandi who were sentenced to four years in prison ?!!

Mr. Shaheed earlier said ,he will speak to the Islamic Republic officials whether his report is correct or not -due to criticism by the Islamic Republic .The mourning mothers are asking Mr. Shaheed ,when and how many times the officials in the Islamic Republic confessed they have violated the human rights?!! The mothers said: Not only the Islamic Republic officials, but we must have equal opportunity to speak about our pain and sufferings too.

The mothers wanted investigation in the mass killings of political prisoners in 1988 be also included in the report.

At the end ,the "mourning mothers of the Laleh Park" demanded in the next report their cry for justice be included.

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