Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meshkin news Human Rights Service:
Azerbaijani writer critical of Islam, died in the attempt!
Rafiq Taqi
, General physician and a controversial writer, who was assassinated on November 19, died. His doctor at the hospital in Baku said that his respiratory passage was blocked .
The Ajarbayejani journalist was assassinated due to a fatwa by Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani.
Rafiq Taqi who aws the member of "The Assembly of Free writers" wrote an article on 2006 titled " The Europe and Us" which was critical to Islam and based on that, Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani issued a fatwa and called him as "Mahduroldam" meaning its ok if he is killed by Islamists.
Because of protest by some religious personalities ,the Government of Azarbayejan arrested Rafiq Taqi and sentenced him to three years imprisonment. Rafiq Taqi spent two of three years in jail when the president of Azarbayjan pardoned him and he was released and resumed his medical practices and writing .
Rafiq Taqi was on his way home on Nov.19 at 10 pm when an unknown assailant attacked him by knife which resulted nine wounds on his body and as a result of these wounds he died later in the hospital.
After the operation in the hospital ,he has told reporter of "Free Europe " that , he believe the Azarbayejani Islamicts and Islamic Republin in Iran were behind the assassination .However,Islamic Republic regime issued a statement rejected the allegation.


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