Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mother Behkish speaks about killing of her six childeren by Islamic Republic regime in Iran & UN keep it's silence on mass killings of 1998 !

IRAN WATCH CANADA : How could i listen to this mother's pain and sufferings and not to translate her words from Farsi to English- My sympathy with Mother Behkish and all the mothers, who have lost their childeren under Islamic Republic regime in Iran inside and outside the prison due to reppression?!
Mother Behkish:
I have a grievance ,I have a complaint against UN.....The Islamic Reublic have killed these much of my childeren and UN have kept silence about it. What kind of UN they are? We expect they will break their silence and speak and talk.What was the fault or guilt of these childeren?Why they killed them?....As a mother , how much patience can i have and must witness these much breavement of my childeren? They call themselves moslem moslem bring these much harm?All of my childeren were highly educated. As a mother ,i laboured hard and brought up edecated childeren,and they have killed my educated childeren.Why UN don't speak about them and say about their names?I expected UN say the names of these childeren in the television.For example ,they say that UN wants to review and help ease to the pain and sufferings of the people, while they have killed six of my childeren and UN kept silence ....not speaking on.... Now they are ( the Islamic Republic regimein Iran)is going after my only daughter left ... How much cruelty ...reppression to what point..?I expected UN to listen to my words and to record what i have said...and speak about my childeren...while UN didn't say anything about my childeren....UN only talks about itself......Then, what is the use of UN?....It's only to praise themselves ? ...Then, what is it that UN do not talk about the nation and our childeren? They ( IR regime in Iran) killed my childeren for the fear of their mistakes or guilts not to become exposed. As they ( IR regime )brought grief to my heart ,God will bring griefs to their heart too.
Listen to the video:

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