Monday, December 12, 2011

Political prisoners in Iran need urgent attention,their lives are in great danger!

Alert on Reza Shahabi' an Iranian imprisoned labor leader !

Because of systematic violation of human rights and genocide inside Islamic Republic prisons , UN must give ultimatum to Iranian officials for one last time or prepare name list of officials commited crime against humanity and bring them to International Criminal Court!

This regime can be stopped ! And this is the only way.

Reza Shahabi is a labor leader who is in his 20th day of hunger strike. His life is in danger and paralysis is endangering his life and concern on his health condition is raising the alarm.

Committee in defense of Reza Shahabi has announced that, On Sunday Dec.11 ,2011 the prison officials brought Reza to ward number 350 in Evin prison instead of hospital. Reza via telephone conversation told his family members that ,the prison officials told him :"Your blood pressure is low and you must stay in ward 350 instead of hospital."

Based on information from the emmergency unit , Reza should have been transfered to hospital since Saturday December 10 and not the prison ward.Danger of paralysis is threatening the life of Reza Shahabi.



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