Thursday, March 29, 2012

After 70 days of hunger strike Mehdi Khazali was released !

Doctor Mehdi Khazali was released on Monday March 19 after 70 days of hunger strike in ward number 350 and 209 in Evin prison.During the hunger strike He lost 30 kilos and was so weak that he couldn't walk without using cane. Mr. Khazali started the hunger strike from day one in protest to his arrest and misconduct and violent nature of security agents. Mr. Mehdi Khazali is the son of Ayatollah Khazali who supports Khamenei's policy in running the country.

Mr. Mehdi khazali spent 25 days (early days) in solitary confinement of the ward number 209 and then he was transfered to ward number 350 and in recent days he was again transfered to soliotary confinement of the ward 209 of the Ministry of Information.It was reported that his mother's letter and request and his fathers position may have had a positive effect on his release.

Other than that, Mr. Mehdi Khazali's stands on his position and his critical writings shows that regime released him to silence the noise created by his arrest.

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