Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mojgan Modares olum- Jaras

Excerpt from interview-

Narges Mohammad is the vice president of the Association for Human Rights Defenders in Iran,she is sentenced to six years imprisonment by appeal court. In the past she was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment by lower courts.Most of these courts have political agenda and are presided by judges who are either interrogator,investigator and executioners ( like Judge Mortazavi, Judge Salavati, Judge Moghiseh and...). They operate under either security agents of "sepah pasdaran" or ministery of information.

Narges Mohammadi in an interview with "Jaras"website said :"On March 4 through my lawyer unfortunately i heard that, the appeal court had issued six years imprisonment for me. I did not expect this because, all our activities are open and based on a civil rights organizations and Islamic Republic laws. This is because the Islamic Republic is a signatories to International Human Rights charters and attends in its assemblys.So, this is showing the system has two conducts towards the issue and i didn't expect these kinds of sentencings."

She added:

" In my opinion the elements of resistance and the womenly particulars both had caused that we will have "positive" future in democratic movement in Iran.Part of this movement and activities belong to women who particpate and act in it and in this path endure difficulties and pay the prices .The Iranian women stands on their peaceful demandes and wont regret but resist for reaching to their goals .The reality is that women because of their particularities has this capacity to lead peaceful and non violence movement in achieving their goals. Despite of paying the prices for our activities , we have a bright future ."

Read more about Narges Mohammadi in IRAN WATCH CANADA in the past.

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