Thursday, March 29, 2012

Execution threatens the life of Shirko Moarefi the Kurdish Iranian political prisoner !

khalil Bahramian the defence lawyer for Shirko Moarefi believes the execution of his client is imminent !
Mr. Bahramian said that; he did not receive any document on the date of execution of his client but told to "Kurdpa" news agency that; since his death sentence was approved ,that means any time the death sentence may be carried against his client .He said; usually judiciary /prison officials do notify the prisoners but not the lawyers and this is illegal.Shirko Moarefi is a 31 years old Kurdish-Iranian political prisoner from the city of Baneh of Kurdistan province. He was sentenced to death by the court of Revolution for allegedly his colaboration with a Kurdish political party. Shirko was arrested on November 1999 and since then he spends time in Saghez city prison.
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