Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ahmadinejad Phenomenon and The Government of Chaos!

Picture: Ahmadinejad and Said Mortazavi

No one knows what to do with Ahmadinejad .Not only he feels that he is above the parliament and law ,he even shows that he is above Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic ( his 11 days absent from attending cabinet meeting on dispute with Khamenei about the resignation of the Minister of Information) .During seven out of eight years of his presidency his Government had more than $600 billion income just from oil revenue and no one knows what he did with the money.According to news, the Central Bank reserve went down to zero and it even seems negative and inflation rose to its highest level. His Government owes billions of Tuman to different institution ( like metro ) as well as ministries. During his Government, corruption went up and in one instance according to report and investigations 3000 billion Tuman ( $1 = 2000 Tuman)vanished from the banks. He is a bully and all around him are thugs . One of such is the former judge Said Mortazavi the suspected muderer of Iranian -Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi and Kahrizak prison case file where some political prisoners were murdered under his direct order. Recently Ahmadinejad nominated Mortazavi to a new post as the head of social security organization and this angered alot of MP's . dispute over Ahmadinejad continues as the MP's called him to the parliament for questiening over and over now.No one knows who lead Ahmadinejad but one thing is clear the captain is driving the country to more disaster.....The situation is mixed up......

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