Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life of Hamid Ghasemi Shal the Iranian-Canadian who is sentenced to daeth is in great danger!

According to "Mihan" website , the case file of Hamid Ghasemi Shal the Iranian -Canadian who is sentenced to death is sent to division that deals with the execution of sentencing. This is happening while, the prosecutor have earlier promised to his family that they have decided to stop the execution of sentencing. According to " Nedaye Sabze Azadi " website , based on an information given to his family by prosecutor, his case file is sent again to division to execute the sentence.

Hamid Ghasemi Shal is an Iranian -Canadian citizen who have left Canada for Iran to visit his family on 2008. At the time his brother Alborz Ghasemi a naval officer was in jail on charges of espionage and Hamid attended to military inteligence office on June same year to find out about his brothers situation when he himself was also arrested with the same charges . Like his brother he spent the first 18 months in solitary confinement and he was abandoned from visitation rights and the right to have a lawyer to defend him and was under torture.A year later his brother who was also sentenced to death died inside the jail due to ilness.After coming to Canada Hamid has traveled eight time to Iran. The only evidence against him is a letter that he sent to his brother Alborz . According to report this evidence was quashed by official judiciary expert on technical reason ,furthermore the prosecutor in the preliminary stage also rejected the espionage charges against him. But the agents of the military intelligence office transfered the case file of both brother to the court of revolution and they were given the death sentence .


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