Thursday, April 05, 2012

Four and a half years jail for Mansoureh Behkish !

Based on a report by HRANA:

Mansoureh Behkish is a human rights advocate and a supporter of mourning mothers ( Known as mothers of Laleh Park)is sentenced by branch number 15 of Tehran court of revolution to four and a half years imprisonment. Mansoureh has lost six members of her family ( her brothers and sisters ) to the mass killinigs of political prisoners in 1988 when after the war between Iraq and Iran Khomeini ordered for the annihilation of existing political prisoners inside the Islamic Republic prisons all over Iran.

She is charged with "meeting and conspiracy against national security by creating the group known as mourning mothers" and to this charge she was sentenced by judge Salavati to four years imprisonment and on the 2nd charge ( propagating against the state ) ,she was charged to six months custoday sentence.

She is now the sole member of the family in Iran taking care of her aged mom.


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